Ground Facilities

When you enter the ground if you are unsure where anything is please ask anyone at or near the turnstiles for information.

The changing rooms are on the halfway line on the left hand side of the ground.

The clubhouse/bar can be accessed from a door on the side immediately as you enter through the turnstiles on the right or it can also be accessed by a ramp at the back facing the pitch.

Memorabilia for replica tops, badges, hats, scarves etc. can be obtained from behind the bar.

The canteen (Grub Tub) is situated on the left side of the ground towards the half way line and has a large sign on the side of it. From here you can get hot and cold drinks, pie and peas and chocolate.

The main toilets are behind the first floodlight on the left hand side of the ground. Ladies to the left and Gents to the right. There are also toilets in the clubhouse.

The hospitality area is situated in the bottom left hand corner of the ground.

The whole ground is general admission there is no extra charge for sitting in the stand. You can stand just where suits you apart from in front of the main stand!