Ground Regulations At Clitheroe FC Shawbridge

In order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our staff, fans and visitors,
we would like to draw your attention to our ground rules/code of conduct,
the Club reserves the right to refuse entry or eject from the ground any person who is considered to have committed any of the following acts:

⚽ Entering the ground by any means other than through the proper turnstiles and entrances
⚽ Entering onto the field of play at any time without prior permission to do so.
⚽ Being drunk or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
⚽ Carrying any items considered dangerous to others, including cans or glasses containing alcohol, or any form of pyrotechnics, flares etc.
⚽ Throwing any articles on to the field of play.
⚽ Climbing fences or any structure or building.
⚽ Using obscene, abusive or racist language likely to cause offence to others.
⚽ Using violence of any nature whatsoever.

The consumption of alcoholic drinks outside the clubhouse is only
permitted in plastic glasses.